About us

The Albatross company provides a wide range of legal consulting services. We work with individuals and legal entities in various branches of civil law: contractual legal relations, inheritance law, land law and consumer protection — it can take a very long time to list the sub-sectors.

The main thing that we guarantee to our clients is honesty in relationships, and an objective assessment of the prospects of your business. As a rule, Albatross does not draw up separate procedural documents, we undertake to solve your problem from the very beginning to the end — or we are ready to provide advice so that problems in your relations with contractors or public authorities do not arise in the future.

For more than 10 years, we have successfully represented our clients in courts, state economic courts of the Russian Federation and arbitrations, and are always ready to provide legal assistance on issues of private international law in legal relations complicated by a foreign element. In our activities, we are guided by high standards of professional activity and many years of experience.

A separate part of our activity is the so-called “Legal collection” and work on the execution of court decisions. Only actions according to the legal procedures, combined with the relationship and technical base established over the years, are effective to achieve the protection of your rights in fact.

With respect and hope for effective cooperation, general director, Alexander Zakondraev.